Holly Springs Funeral Home

Holly Springs Funeral Home provides the following services which have been designed to meet each family's individual needs. Our staff is available to assist and help families make conscientious and practical decisions.

Traditional Funeral Service. Visitation services are generally held the evening before the funeral service. Either or both services can be open or closed (casket) according to the family's wishes. The service itself can be held in the chapel of the funeral home or in a church as chosen by the family. Traditional funerals can vary according to religious doctrine, tradition or the family's wishes but often consist of scripture reading, prayers, a eulogy, a sermon (sometimes) and music.  After the funeral service there is a procession, if the family so desires.

Memorial Service. This service may take place at the funeral home, the family's home or church, or even outdoors. The memorial service can be a solitary service or be an addition to a traditional funeral service. An example would be having a traditional funeral service in one location and then a memorial service back in the deceased's home town. Or, a memorial service can be held after a burial or cremation if this meets with the needs and wishes of the family.

Cremation. Some families may opt for cremation as an atlernative to a traditional burial.  A traditional funeral service can be held prior to cremation and include visitation, and a church or chapel service.  If this service is held after cremation, a processional can be held to transport the urn to the niche where the urn will remain.

Casket selection. The staff at Holly Springs Funeral Home understand that whether you are pre-planning or choosing for a loved-one, casket selection is a very personal decision and expression of your feelings. We are glad to assist families with their selections in a manner that makes them the most comfortable.

Music. As with all solemn occasions, music plays an important role during a funeral service.  Holly Springs Funeral Home has an extensive digital music library of hymns and music to select from or you may provide selections from your own collection.  If you desire live music and singing, we have a keyboard and sound system for use at no additional fee. An organist is available upon request for a nominal fee.

Vaults. Vaults are available when needed or required

Urns. A large selection of urns are available to select from.

Opening and Closing Graves. The staff at Holly Springs Funeral Home also provides the service of opening and closing graves.